Detailed instructions for visiting GRAND MOSQUE ABU DHABI

Detailed instructions for visiting GRAND MOSQUE ABU DHABI

When I first visited Abu Dhabi two years ago during Ramadan, I could not visit the Great Mosque because it was open only to worshipers during the fasting month. But the second time at Abu Dhabi, I headed straight to the city’s main attractions and finally noticed this amazing structure for myself. This is a quick guide for first time visitors to the Grand Mosque to make sure you know what to do, and most importantly what to wear!

Before you go
So no matter what, you get the right to go to the mosque as well as the mosque you visit. Dressing is a way of showing your respect – see here for a complete guide to dress.

Women – must cover the head, wrists and ankles. If you do not dress properly, you can ‘hire’ the abaya for free. This will cover you head to toe and prevent disappointment. But you should still come in loose fitting kits, knees. (Better ankle) and wrist

Men – no tank tops and no shorts.

Covered – Great Mosque

While you are there
Remove shoes – All visitors must remove their shoes before entering the mosque. Do not worry, they’ll be there when you come back!

Tour Participation – A great way to learn about Islamic culture and the emirate. These operations take 60 minutes several times a day, except Fridays. What’s more – they’re free! For more information, see the tour guide here.

Do not forget to look! Inside is a 24-carat gold-plated chandelier, the largest in the world and no less than 1,000.

Always respect, make sure your head is covered and wear the right outfit throughout the visit. Some celebrities were asked to leave after filming.

Take lots of photos – You’ll be glad to learn that images are more acceptable and welcomed than inside and outside the mosque. Just be respectful of any boundaries or obstacles, or you will meet a disgruntled security guard who screams from afar.

frequently asked Questions
Is there a subscription fee? number

Is there a guided tour? Daily and free

Where to start? East of the mosque

How to get there? You have to do your own thing. – Taxis are very inexpensive.

Have a bathroom? Abundance

What can I do? Smoking, eating or drinking

Tips and Tricks
Visit 4:30 am – and capture the golden hour with perfect sunset. There are also cooler times each day to visit.

Hours: Open daily for visitors, except on Fridays, for worshipers only. Office hours are 9am to 10pm (last entry at 9:30 am) – Saturdays to Thursdays and 4:30 am. On Fridays, the tour includes a 1 hour free guide (Sun-Thurs) from 10:00 to 11:00 and 5:00 pm on Fridays at 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm and on weekdays. Saturday 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

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