The Netherlands time and then flashes. But if we are like that, it lasts for 8 days and 7 nights. All this is full of adventures, sightings, castle castles, church buildings and deep desserts (uh woops!).

All the time, here in the land of bicycles and small pancakes I would like to see, do and taste as much as possible. Although I rarely do everything planned. But I can watch and do everything I want in each city I go to visit and make up for quality over quantity.

So if you are heading to the Netherlands and want to tour the perfect highlights, this is the city and city you must visit in the Netherlands!

Amsterdam by World of Wanderlust
A clear start is that Amsterdam is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe and has only one photo or postcard. The city is located on a canal with a pleasant home to be one of the most photographed cities in the world, if not the most. Be sure to walk around in your free time and leave yourself three days here (the lowest). There are a lot to see and do. In terms of museums, make sure you do not miss the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum and the other Van Gogh Museum. Please visit the Singel Canal, the Keizersgracht Canal, the Vondelpark and the Jordaan district.

One day in The Hague The world of passion
The Hague
My next stop in the Netherlands is taking a train to The Hague, well known to the Dutch as the Den Haag. As a center for decision-making on global justice, I am eager to visit. First year of law school The city is the largest I’ve ever imagined, with beautiful architecture and beautifully landscaped gardens.


Photo through Flickr

You can reach Leiden by train from Amsterdam in less than 30 minutes or by train from The Hague only 10. Pronounce “LIE-DEN” This city is a great stopover if traveling between the Dutch cities and other cities. You At the train station and explore for the day. Canal and Dutch architecture are quintessential. This is a good choice for dense roads in Amsterdam’s tourism.

Trip to Delft, a world of passion.
The most beautiful city I have met in the Netherlands, and even one of the most charming people in Europe, I can not believe I have taken Delft! Just a few minutes by train from The Hague, Delft has the charm of a small town useful in nearby big cities (not including the best ice cream in the world!).

48 hours in Utrecht | The world of ardor
Describing me as a cooler sister than Amsterdam, Utrecht is a city unmatched in the Netherlands and perhaps even in Europe. (Although it reminds me of the coolness of Antwerp and Ghent in Belgium.) Utrecht has no attractions or attractions. But there are many cafes, clothing stores and clothing stores. The type of town you can visit and feel like a local within minutes.

Rotterdam Netherlands via Flickr
Photo via Flickr

Probably the “coolest” city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is in its own league. Modern and Rotterdam-oriented design was completely removed by the Germans in 1940 as a sign of power to the rest of the country, possibly similar to the German army with resistance. Because of this, Holt is a unique city in the Netherlands, because it does not have an old town center or resembles any other city in the country, although it is famous for its architecture and design.

Maastricht Travel Guide | The World of Fire
Well, and indeed in the south of the Netherlands is Maastricht, another fascinating city that I discovered when traveling through the country and a city that found an excellent base. With a unique location near the Belgian border and not far from France or Germany, this is a great city for a one-day trip to Cologne and you can travel to Luxembourg. ! The city is guaranteed to take a couple of days to explore – Maastricht is a beautiful city with a good reputation for good eating.

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