Kremlin’s cultural and historical significance is hardly surprising at all. The Kremlin is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Moscow. UNESCO’s heritage is regarded as the center of most historical and political events set by Russia, making it a popular stopping point for those interested in Russian history and the long future. Visiting complex architecture and all the sights within can be a terrific minesweeper to see and do! For those interested in enhancing their experience here is your best guide to visit the Kremlin, as well as all the information you need to know and great attractions within the Kremlin walls!

come in
There are two entrances to the Kremlin but inaccessible from both. The main entrance is located at the Kutafya Tower and is where most visitors enter the queue. The second entrance is very small, however, can be found through the garden. Alexandrovsky The second entrance is the fastest entrance in the armory and Diamond Fund.

Since the Kremlin is at the top of the list of things to do for every visitor, and one of the most frequented tourist attractions in Moscow, it is important to arrive early. Avoid queues or at least limit the time you spend! The Kremlin opens at 10 am and the ticket office is open hours earlier. This is the best time to come and enjoy the Kremlin with its queues and fewer crowds.


Take your time
The Kremlin may be small in geography. It is harmonious and a great culture. I would recommend at least half a day to visit the Kremlin, especially if you plan to visit the Basilica and the inner palace.


Fast route
You can buy tickets for the architectural complex of Cathedral Square and Armory Chamber at the same price (500RUB / $ 10 per person) and can buy tickets online much faster. If not, you will have to wait twice for the queue: buy a ticket once and immediately enter the Kremlin.

To save time on the day you visit, please buy in advance!

Things to see: Armory Chamber & Diamond Fund
Do not miss the Armory Chamber and Diamond Fund. Diamond Fund is a collection of Russian gems. Inside, you will see diamonds, diamonds, crowns, gold blocks and the largest sapphire in the world. The value of the crown jewels in London and the crown crown of Iran is a must visit visit to Moscow.

Assumption Cathedral Moscow

Assumption Cathedral
Assumption Church is the most important church in Russia. It was where the Russian and Tsar were crowned and where the Patriarch was buried. To this day, the Russian cathedral has attracted many people.

Moscow Evangelical Cathedral bell tower

Bell tower of Ivan
This bell tower has 21 bells and a dome decorated with beautiful gold. For a long time it was the tallest building in Russia and still the tallest in the Kremlin.

Grand Kremlin Palace
The Grand Kremlin was the residence of the Tsar and is now the residence of the Russian president. It is a beautiful, elegant exterior. But more impressive inside. It is not easy to visit the tour will be made using an application from the organization, which sent to the Chief of the Commander of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation.


Sar canon and bell
Royal guns are part of the artillery collection in the Kremlin. Once located on Red Square, it is now located at Ivanovskaya Square in the Kremlin. Do not miss the tsar’s bell with storing and symbolic equality.

Information for visitors:
working time:

Kremlin closed on Thursday. Open daily from 10 am – 6 pm The ticket office is open from 9 am and closed at 4.30 am.

ticket price:

500 RUB

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