Six best climbing destinations in the world for climbing lovers.

Six best climbing destinations in the world for climbing lovers.

There are many climbing and holiday destinations from all over the world, and during almost every season of the year from bouldering right next to the ocean in the British Virgin Islands to climbing high above the jungle of New Zealand you are bound to fall in love. A disaster you will never forget Read on to discover the best climbing places in the world.

Whenever we have time to travel, we are always looking for new places to relax where we can climb. Over the years, we have visited some really amazing places and it is so difficult to narrow them down to just 6 people. If you are looking for a unique climbing holiday, you will not be disappointed. Get any recommendations from below.

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Virgin Gorda Island, BVI
New Zealand
Bishop, California, USA
The Rock, South Africa
Hueco Tanks, Texas, USA

Best time to climb: November to January.

Types of climbing: Bouldering

Caribbean Island is located on an island called Virgin Gorda where you will find sparkling blue waters and sparkling, slow life and amazing bouldering. Climbing to Virgin Gorda Island in BVI is unlike climbing destinations. He has visited you

This island is filled with beautiful granite rocks and you will find yourself well suited to island life quite simply because you spend time exploring the hills. In many places you can stay on the island, you can even climb the stairs outside the door.

Most of the climbing is easy to obtain and does require a lot of planning or preparation. And because you do not have to spend time on the rocks every day, you can take full advantage of island life by sleeping, relaxing, swimming in the ocean, snorkeling with beautiful tropical fishes. Waters and climb to the right. Follow your own beach vacation.

This is the perfect place for a true holiday break. But also push yourself to climb on the amazing granite.

Just be sure to pack a lot of sunscreen because you will want to spend almost all of your time here outside the sun.

Tips & Warnings Stay at one of the lovely bungalows in Guavaberry Spring Bay, where you can find rocks to climb right from where you are and beaches just minutes away.

They also provide rental pads for the climbers who are there and there are few markets on the site where you can buy groceries and alcoholic beverages. Avoid hiking during the hottest hours of the day and beware of rain forecasts.

New Zealand

Best time to climb: November – February.

Types of climbing: all types (sports, trad, bouldering)

You can not go wrong planning your climbing vacation in New Zealand. If you are cruising around the North Island, sampling some of the existing climbing or bouldering on the unique limestones of Castle Hill and Flock Hill, you will have a wonderful time.

Traveling in New Zealand is generally like traveling abroad. Every place is unique and breathtaking, and climbing will lead you to beautiful locations throughout New Zealand.

The bouldering at Castle Hill is world class and lends itself to a bouldering technique. Test the skills of the people hanging and climbing on the slopey trail. In the north island you can find yourself climbing in place. Less traveled, sometimes climbing up the beautiful New Zealand landscape to travel to climbing areas, such as climbing in Kawakawa Bay near Lake Taupo.

Whether you are over Lake Taupo 90 feet or not, the lake meets the rock or dam in Castle Hill. In areas where the Lord of the Rings can be easily set, you will be taken to another world when you are. Climb in New Zealand and the adventures you will always remember.

Pro Tip: Traveling, hiking and exploring the island in November to experience great temperatures, less crowds and cheaper. Plan ahead and rent a van to explore the island from north to south to experience the island in a more unique and personal way. Also make sure to get some fish and chips and plan your day to explore the amazing glow worm in New Zealand!


Best time to climb: November – February.

Types of climbing: Bouldering

Bishop California is one of the best bouldering areas in the United States and can be considered a world class climbing place.

With problems in the bishop’s area for over 2,000 years, people can climb here and not climb up to what they offer. People come climbing here from around the world to test their sharp skills. But beautiful granite and volcanic rocks.

How to climb up the climb may be short if you stick to popular areas such as “Happys”, “Sads” and “The Buttermil.

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