What to wear in ICELAND

What to wear in ICELAND

It’s hard enough to figure out what to put on your average Monday. But finding something to wear in Iceland is another new challenge, especially when you’re trying to think of what to wear in Iceland in September – the shoulders season is sticking to summer. While creeping to the winter. The weather is from 60 seconds up and down to 30 seconds at night (Fahrenheit).


Notes on stratification
The key to a successful closet for Iceland is to stratify and have options as Michigander. I have long learned that there is a difference between stratification and clever stratification. Classification may be large and ineffective if you do not. You need clothes that are sweat, insulated or heat trapped and wind driven. Make sure to follow the same sequence as well. Cotton is certainly no no. You’ll be fine with a pair of thick Merino sheepskin (socks for SmartWool hiking is a favorite), more than 5 pairs of brown cotton socks.

These are three standard questions when choosing:

Will it make me warm?
Will it make me dry?
Can I move comfortably?
If the layer is a rock paper game, scissors quality will beat the volume every day.

Start from the bottom and work our way up.

Hiking boots
Invest in good hiking shoes. If you do not want to ride a tour bus across the country with minimal workouts, your tennis shoes may not cut off in Iceland. I bought a La Sportiva hiking shoes from REI. But better to have pain in your wallet than foot pain. When you are hiking across the clear lava, you will be thankful for quality shoes. When buying a hiking shoe you will want to get a bigger size than you wear. This is to accommodate the thicker socks and to keep your toes large on steep slopes.

Put on shoes (if necessary)
I do not have a clue to the high arch. Standing on my feet for over two hours without the added support of insertion causes more discomfort and fatigue than any walk. There is time to deal with in Iceland. There are many shoe stores with your curves. I’ve put my stuff on for years and will not go anywhere without them. It’s like a comfortable underwear to invest in inserts for extra support.

Trousers and trousers
In the ABC of Longitudinal johns and heat leggings are yours. This is where your floor begins. The most favorite clothing brand for the subdivision is the Cuddl Duds (such as the climatesmart stocking).

Rain pants
Do not leave home without rain pants! Even if it does not rain, these pants are great for blocking winds, boat trips and climbing around foggy waterfalls. As a challenging person in the vertical, I want to wear Marmot City pants to fit the height of my little girl – they have the xs!

Sweaters and sweaters
Once again I love my Cuddl Duds like Cuddl Duds Fleecewear or Thinner Layer like Smartwool, or if you would like to blend in with the locals, go to the local wool shop and buy a handmade lopapeysa I guarantee you will be warm. So you will not be using the next item in the list.

What to wear in Iceland
Key facts about the image: sunglasses, shirts, light windbreaker, thermal leggings, fur socks, hiking boots.

Yes, that is plural. I have 3 different pack packs.

Do not be afraid of the $ 10,000 baggage, so you can not pack many coats. If your heavier fur is going down, it will roll up a little in your luggage. If a shirt is thicker than other clothes, wear it on a plane. In the world of Iceland, one shoulder season does not fit all weather conditions.

Light Wind Breaker
Do not rain too cold. The wind is a little bit warmer and you will warm up while hiking. The winter coat is too hot and your rain coat is not needed alone. This light jacket is perfect for when you are in a museum building. Also, do not start thinking you can use a windbreaker as a raincoat – trust me to learn the hard way.

Rain coat
There will be rain, even if you do not, you will be close enough to the waterfall. You want your raincoat to be important, not a delicate blanket of shrimps. Buy a raincoat with extra thickness and thickness. When it rains, it pours. My raincoat is a large plaque lined from L.L Bean.

Because Iceland Keep it cool. Especially at night, I love my Patagonia Fiona Parka. It’s warm and tightly compressed for easy packing. Of course, that is an expensive brand. Patagonia has a policy of return and good repair if your Icelandic adventure is a bit crazy. The length of it is ideal because it makes my thighs warm.

Pro Tip: If you are a REI member, join their garage sales. Here’s how I bought my Patagonia shirt at a price below its original price.

The bond that I forged with my Icelandic wool hat was the one I would treasure for the rest of my winter. Of course, I can bring a random hat out of the house. But Icelanders know about warming up or seven, which is why my first purchase in Reykjavik was at the Handknitting Association of Iceland (Handprjónasamband Island). Buy your hat here.

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