Amphawa Day Trip

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ อัมพวา

Who will know that hot hit Amphawa. The people are tightly packed on Saturday – Sunday. There will be an interesting tourist view in Howell.
That is not boring thought. I will look at it in peace and privacy, it really looks VIP.

Take time to go back to the evening because not far from Bangkok, Chill in no hurry.
From the trip to Bangkok about a little bit less than 10 hours to get up to eat lunch.
“The nine footprints” at “Wat Khao Yai” before the first.
This temple was built in the Ayutthaya period. There is a temple on the top of the hill. The mantle and wooden doors carved with high art.
The atmosphere is shady with big trees. The temple is on the hill. The stairs to the temple enough tired.
A little enough to sweat. I joke that this temple is the only temple in Samut Songkhram on the hill.

This temple has many Buddha images at various points to worship from top to bottom.
The temple is next to the river. It has a fish tank named “Wang Mancha salted fish”

Mae Klong is known as a three-water city, salt water, brackish water is a city of water. And life on the water. Finish off the altar at the top of the hill to eat food at the seafood restaurant “Khun Ja” on the water beside Wat Khao Yai fresh seafood flavor.
It also has a delicious menu of fish sauce, fish with green leaves, shredded catfish. Try to taste it.
“Leaf blade” is a medicinal plant. The leaves are greenish. Take a scoop of coconut milk with coconut milk. work very well together Delicious, do not tell anyone
After the meal. Go to the market at Amphawa. Of course, there are not many sales like the holiday weekend.
There are a few paddlers selling noodles for sale. Delicious But I can not do it anymore.
We decided to use Thai massage. “Hathat Thara Massage” is a massage on the boat along Mae Klong River and Amphawa Floating Market.
By boat to get to the waterfront of “Rama 2 Park”
If you do not want to massage in the boat. Massage at the shop. It is located in Amphawa Floating Market.
Price is not expensive. And advertising as “Healthy Massage The only one … in Amphawa ”

Cool weather on the Mae Klong River, the old atmosphere. Classical in the past, there are not many tourists. The house is peaceful.
I will take a corner angle. I do not have many people. Raise a new perspective Unseen of Amphawa.
On weekdays ever.

Massage in the boat for about an hour and a half. During the boat will visit the sacred temple along the river.
It is voluntary to go down to worship or to massage in the boat.
There are fruit and desserts available for tourists.
The boat parked us at the original pier. Have a walk in the park, R.2 or full name. “Park Royal Memorial.
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej ”
This is a project to commemorate King Rama II (King Rama II). There are bicycles for rent to see around.
Without leg The area is over 42 rai.
There are museums. Outdoor theater And botanical gardens, plants in literature. And statues of characters in the literature, such as the grapes, Krai, gold, Hanuman, etc.
Since the reign of King Rama II, he is the poet of drama. Thai Music and Arts
Inside the “Thai dessert museum” exhibits various types of Thai desserts. Knowledge of Thai dessert. And local Thai desserts are still preserved.
As shown in the sweet taste of the fish (some chapters).
. Think lotus with glass.
Iridescent utter pious Yukon .
Good taste Fragrant
Painted with purple wrap around the pudding.
FOI healthily Like the egg yolk dessert.
Think of the time. Sewing Shun Using Chinese Silk
If you come during the Loy Krathong festival. (Which often does not match Saturday-Sunday), it coincided with the tradition.
“Loy Krathong Klang Muang Ban Mae Klong” is famous.
It is a lovely and simple. Save environment And use local materials well. Because there are many banana trees.

On the night of Loy Krathong will be bright with a banana leaf, hundreds of thousands of beautiful and spectacular to forget it.
In addition, it was a contest to see the ship. Miss Noppamas contest Ancient markets, performances and many other activities.
Organized at the waterfront. “Wat Phurin Kudi Thong” located on the Mae Klong River. The interesting thing about this temple is “Kudi Thong”
Made of teak wood and there are museums that collect valuable antiques such as porcelain jars, Thai books, Buddha images and brass instruments.

There is also an exhibition at Rama 2 Park in the concept of “river town … three times”.
You can enjoy the water activities at all three times: the morning, the water, the cruise line. Boat cruises,
Evening fire boat ride.

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