… Picture of the story … << Japan >>. :: People view food travel ::

… Picture of the story … << Japan >>. :: People view food travel ::

Hello my friends, govivigo today, I will share and share experiences that have traveled to Japan first.
The review or compilation of words may not be very good. Please forgive me in advance.

This is my first post.
I personally find information from various sources.
The main story is the focus on the picture is offline. I like to take pictures lol.

………………………………………….. …………..

Okay, let’s get started. We went to 4 people this trip. 25 January 2018 to 28 January 2018.
We chose this because of the cold weather. Snow has long been a personal touch.
We stayed at Ueno Tokyo for 3 nights.

Come to the preparation.
1. Passport or passport of yourself. – Your passport must be more than 6 months old.
2. Re booking round trip ticket I booked tickets for Air Asia X before booking on September 23, 2060. It is considered very early in the month 4-5 months before departure. The ticket price is about 11,600 baht insurance. I do not buy the bag. The weight can not be up to 7 kg. Leg XJ606 at 11.00 am and return XJ607 at 19.00 pm Fly directly from Don Muang Airport to Narita Airport.
3. We booked through agoda. The hotel booking is selected and agreed. Hotel New Tohoku is a great place to stay. The Ueno and Keisei Skyliner stations are conveniently located at a price of 1,6781.76 Baht per night. 3 nights is 5,741.45 Baht including 10% service charge, 8%
4. Travel Plan (roughly) There are also Kawaguchiko – Shinjuku – Takaragawa Onsen Minakami Gunma – Shibuya – Harajuku.
5. I swap money at Thaniya Spirit rate about 0.28-0.29 by about. This trip I exchange to just 14,000 baht to myself. The yen is around ¥ 48,050 yen, I hope it’s enough in my mind.
6. The weather is sure to go to winter, it must have a coat or sweater thick course.
7. Last and most importantly, Wifi, I used the Sim 2 Fly of Ais 12call speed Non-stop speed 4GB for 8 days for 399 baht (this is printed from the cover of the SIM) and remember to turn Data Roaming

Do not forget to document it. Make a reservation at the hotel. I’m not sure what to do.
Let’s start traveling better.
Day. 1

First day I arrived at Terminal1 Donmuang Airport about 08.30 am Flight Flying 11.00 estimated.
To check in (Really check through the web before) about 2 hours before
Come on. We will have to fill in the air on the machine at all.
Very detailed. Find all posts by this user Quote this message in a reply
Ride 6 hours through good weather. Have some cool light.
Arrived at Narita Airport. Japan at about 5 pm.
I told you that in the airport, it was 0 degrees.
The first point we came to was to buy a train ticket. I’m going to stay at the lodge. That is, we have to go to the Ueno Station.
Keisei skyliner is available at Sky Access (orange) at ¥ 1,260.
The train is about 40 or 50 minutes.
First contact to tell me that the weather is very cold air around -2 degrees offline.
I opened Google Maps at the hotel where we stay. During the winter, he took pictures of the city.
From Ueno Station go to New Tohoku Hotel about 8-900 meters, walk about 9-10 minutes, then come to hotel. Please take a day in the hotel to see it. At night forget to take it. Looks like this.
Your uncle is a very kind and loving owner. Speak English a little bit.
Let us stay up on the 2nd floor of the hotel.
This is a small Japanese style.
When it comes to the room itself. I went to the restaurant to eat it.
Select several stores. Finally came to Isomaru Suisan Ameyoko is heavy.
How to order food of this restaurant is a tablet, choose the food we want. There are many types. The menu that we want is.
Crispy Pork Crab Oysters Grilled Hokkaido Rice with Fried Rice And Kraft, a cool Japanese beer.

All food costs are 6400 JPY. Ready to go tomorrow.
Good night, good night.
Day. 2
First and second day in Japan, wake up to the cold weather.
Take a shower today. Plant today is we are going to Kawaguchiko together.

Because we go on a weekday. This morning, the Japanese are quite a lot.
We went to Ueno Station for the first time. First, we had to buy a train ticket.
I chose JR Tokyo Wide Pass. The train ticket price is 10,000 yen.
We can ride Shinkansen and JR train, which we can sit around a few.
This card is worth it. For those who are going around Tokyo or the cities around Tokyo.
When to buy tickets. We walked along the green line. Green Line Train
Take the train from Ueno to Shinjuku for about an hour. Take the train at Otsuki Station to get to Kawaguchiko.
Follow the signs to get on the train. Cute Fujikyu Railway
Day. 3

On the 3rd morning in Japan, the temperature is about -1. Today I have a trip to Takaragawa Onsen, Gunma.
By the first Shinkansen train ride in life (excited)
JR Tokyo Wide Pass

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