Japan Travel App Guide

Japan Travel App Guide

Traveling without the need for phone service is a liberation.

It forces them to rely on physical maps and ask locals to find directions.

Need to observe the environment.

It eliminates digital distraction.

And sometimes it causes a little anxiety.

Switching to international airplane mode is a goodbye to facilitate GPS and Google Almighty.

There are some Japanese travel apps that help me ** stay in Japan. They do not need phone service and do not need to be connected to WiFi to work. Thank God.

As an offline traveler, there are some apps for Japan you need for a moment. “Where am I?” And “What does this mean?” There are many mistakes made in Japan. But I’m sure I’ve successfully downloaded these apps before my trip.

YoMiWa is a real-time camera translator that identifies kanji characters. (Japanese characters) and decode what that means. You just have to use your brain to translate all of the kanji’s meaning together. This Japanese translation application is especially useful for restaurants and when trying to find YoMiWa is a lifesaver when I try to find a laxative that causes irritation in the nose that does not feel dull.


Excellent data application. Triposo loads content that is organized on the web and is featured. You can use maps and find places to eat, what to do, and where to look. The app presents interesting stories and backgrounds. Especially when you’re exploring the area and wondering what’s around you that you should see before you go. When planning an advanced trip as a weakness, Triposo is a tourist in pinch.


Download the Japan map before your trip and you will have this map offline at your convenience. The biggest challenge in this map is the kanji road. However, Maps.Me is useful when looking at places. How is the Tokyo Tower near my hotel? You may ask Maps.me can show you.


Would not it be easy if somebody told you to go somewhere? Navitime is a searchable search app that shows you where to go somewhere in the easiest and most readable step. You will see the train you will need to take on the transfer, when to walk and how long it will take, and how much it will cost.


Hyperdia is ideal for transportation planning, if you buy a JR Pass while I want to use Navitime as a “how to get right now” app. I rely on Hyperdia as a “scheduling” app. Use Hyperdia to schedule a train journey and plan your day. You We use this application when we plan to travel from Tokyo to Hakone Kyoto to Nara and Kyoto to Tokyo. This helps us know when we need to get to the train station to reach our destination on time.


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