Our Denver Road Trip

Our Denver Road Trip

A trip to Dallas to Denver did not happen on our travel plans. But traveling to Dallas to inspire some travel creativity: If we fly into another city then travel the other way to Dallas after looking at the number crunch map. And then we decided to fly into Denver. I share more details on how to do this on my desk exit tips.

[If you’re trying to brainstorm what should be done in Denver’s Dallas Road trip, you slide down to the end of the post, where I have a list of all my ideas + maps that show. That everything is in relation to the path.]

Our Denver Road Trip
As this road trip expands Dallas’s travel business, our personal travel is limited to late Friday night. We have Saturday, Sunday and Monday to travel to Denver, Dallas. Limited time, so we choose the fastest route. If there were a couple of days, we would have stopped at Santa Fe and Albuquerque. More about that at the end of the post.

In three days, this is what we do in Denver, Dallas for a road trip:

Rocky Mountain National Park at Estes Park
Approximately 1 hour from Denver, seat Estes Park, which is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Now, if you like me, you might think wrong that Estes Park is the name of the park or not. Incredible. Estes Park is a village in the Rocky Mountains. With avalanche If you are not in Denver and want to spend several days exploring the Rocky Mountain National Park, consider staying at Estes Park.

Do not stop at the visitor center before entering the park to hear about the road conditions. (There are two visitor centers, the Fall River Visitor Center, if you reach the 34th or Beaver Meadows Visitor Center if you reach Route 36.) Since we visited in February, many roads have closed off road. Due to unfavorable weather, Park Ranger helped us plan our route and introduced the place where we would most likely see the wildlife of the day.

Due to the chilly winter weather in February, access was limited. We hiked the snow-capped Bear Lake, looked at the deer at Moraine Park, admired the scenery from many of Curve Parks, and walked around the area’s enchanting geography. Alluvial Fan

A view of the rocky mountains from the Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Beautiful views of Moraine Park

Snowy hiking around Lake Bear Lake

The Basin fan in Rocky Mountain National Park is geographically fantastic with thousands of rocks.
The Basin Fans – Of course, that’s my favorite at Rocky Mountain National Park.

One night in Boulder
While Boulder is on the return route to Denver, which is an easy landing point after a day exploring the Rocky Mountains. The bustling city and the many hours of food we spend in Boulder are enough for a demonstration to validate why the city is so highly rated for its quality of life.

We eat at Eureka! On Pearl Street, a medium-sized establishment with delicious burgers and local beers.

Peak Pikes Peak Up
At an altitude of over 14,000 feet, Peak Peaks of Pike’s North Colorado is the highest peak in North America in the Southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Among the most visited mountains in the world, Pikes Peak is renowned as a home. America’s Beautiful

The stunning Pikes Pike Highway rises to the top of the mountain, with adrenaline and palm-filled peaks. Being a person with general fear of height, there were a few times my belly dropped and I clearly expressed fear with a few chosen phrases.

For those who spend a little time on the mountain, these views are not like what I have seen. Paradoxically standing atop Pikes Peak provokes an overwhelming sense of smallness and height, feeling that I’m sure the mountains can only inspire.

Pro Tip: Call the morning to see how the Pikes Peak Highway is open before arrival.

Bridge and Royal Gorge Park
Known as the Grand Canyon of the Arkansas, the Royal Gorge is a beautiful canyon. (Supposedly) along the Arkansas River near Cañon, just 2 hours from Pikes Peak. This is a natural thoroughfare along the route Dallas Road to Denver. We asked Denver’s waitress whether it was worth the wait, and she appreciated the beauty. What we do not know is that the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park has evolved into a fascinating attraction, with many gift shops and overpriced activities for children. We expect a simple canyon. But it turns out that the area was created by entrepreneurs trying to make money.

The bridge at the Royal Gorge is the tallest suspension bridge in the United States. Tickets cost $ 23 to cross the bridge with a history of bridges and other construction.

Every day we visit an unexpected haze swept across southeast Colorado. Since we can see the peak of Pikes Peak before the fog is circulating, we hope the two-hour journey ends in some cases.


Historic hotels in New Mexico
New Mexico is a country where I dream of profound exploration. Unfortunately, the duration of our road trip did not give us enough time to explore our route. For this reason, I know we want to be somewhere with a unique Mexican charm, not your standard Holiday Inn.

The Eklund Hotel in Clayton, New Mexico, has brought us back to the wild west of the 1800s. The Great Hall and the Gambling Hall were developed by Elkland during the turn of the century. Hotel Eklund’s rooms are inspired by the imagination of historic and historical artifacts that inspire guests to wonder what has happened before. It’s the place that makes you say “If the Wall Could Speak” had a bullet hole in the bar for over 100 years.

Clayton Claims in New Mexico for Reputation Were Crowned with the Death Penalty of the Black Jack Ketchum Trains If you stay at the Hotel Eklund, you will find examples of history among the hotel’s antiques.

Get your ball on Route 66
Catch a Historic Route 66 in Amarillo, TX. Get off the bus and stretch your legs by taking a stroll among the many restaurants and shops offering Americana’s famous street food. The specific area of ​​Route 66 is named in the National Registrar of Historic Places

Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Also known as the Grand Canyon of Texas, the Palo Duro Canyon cuts into the land not far from Amarillo, though it takes a whole day of hiking and exploring this national park. But if you’re on an hourly budget, there are some short hiking trails that can be done within 30 minutes or an hour. I recommend bringing a picnic lunch and plenty of water. The happiest moments in Palo Duro Canyon are watching the runners running across the street. Oh, the scary punny joke that happened …

Medicine Mound
I want to go to ghost town. When I learned that the ghost town of Medicine Mound was only 15 minutes away from the expressway, I knew we had to make a detour. Now my expectations are what you see from the western movies of the city, with the saloon doors swinging in the wind and falling over the dirt road, not the Medicine Mound case. There are a few standing buildings with markers. Historical Preservation Preservation of Local History Society There are active residences close to the city “ghosts” (and we believe one of such locals decides to drive by checking whether our business exists). Still, it is always interesting to see. An abandoned place that still stands.

The more striking sight in my opinion is the pile of soaring cliffs above the horizon. This I learned was that the ghost town received its name. These were the “pillars of medicine” – the dolomite hills. The cone – once respected by the Coalition, was a place of healing and protection.

Bonus points for unreal suns, which are gifts to us by Mother Nature.

Ideas about traveling to Denver, Dallas
Unfortunately, I did not find a comprehensive website that would summarize potential routes or ideas about what to do and where to stop on this road trip. So here’s all the ideas I’ve been brainstorming in one place so you can plan your path more easily.

Denver to Dallas route options
Remember that you will change the time zone during this trip! Although there are many alternative routes, if you have only a few days following, this is the choice we consider:

Route 1: Dallas to Denver via Amarillo
About 12 hours + direct driving time (30 minutes) (794 miles)

For travelers with a large budget, this is the quickest and most direct route. Unfortunately, your time in New Mexico will be short for a few more sites. This is our path.

Route 2: Dallas to Denver via Santa Fe
About 15 hours + direct driving time of about 20 minutes (1,030 miles)

If your schedule is more time, consider exploring additional New Mexico cities by visiting Santa Fe.

Route 3: Dallas to Denver via Albuquerque
About 16 hours direct driving time (1,095 miles)

Even indirectly, there will be more to see. One might think that if they were going to drive to Santa Fe, why not take an extra hour and just go to Albuquerque? I identified it as a separate route because Al Kirke was going to be more than a “stop”. One could spend several days here. (Not that I know this directly, just taking what I researched.)

Concepts about where to stop in Denver for a trip to Dallas.


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Recommended hotels in Denver / Accommodation I see in the forum: Silk Pin Cushion, Pansy’s Parlor Bed & Breakfast The Golden Hotel, The Brown Palace (We are at the Courtyard by Marriott Denver Downtown – inexpensive and in the heart of downtown Denver. ! )
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Wheeler Peak
Taos Pueblo
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Petroglyph National Monument
Albuquerque Botanic Gardens
Sandia Peak Tramway
Cibola National Forest
La Luz route
White Sands National Monument
Texas Vacation
Historic District 66 – Amarillo
Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Caprock Canyons State Park & ​​Trailway
Medicine Mound Ghost Town
Wichita Falls
Route Map: Denver to Dallas Road Trip

Any suggestions or suggestions you have for traveling from Denver to Dallas. Other roadside attractions or visit Please add them in the comments so that my readers can see more ideas!

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